In December 2013 we met avid baker, and then bride-to-be Ra’isa. With a little help from Culinary (click here for the full story), Ra’isa was able to bake her own dream wedding cake using her Assistent Original. We caught up with Ra’isa to see how she is enjoying her beautiful Assistent Original.

So, how did your wedding cake turn out?

I made my wedding cake using my mom’s machine before leaving home.

What was the first thing you baked in your new Assistent?

I made cupcakes the first time I used my machine in my new kitchen. 🙂 I made the first batch of cupcakes after our honeymoon and invited our parents over for some cake and tea whilst we opened wedding gifts. I got my husband and brother involved, decorating the cupcakes with Nutella.

What do you think of the machine having now used it?

I absolutely love my machine and especially the fact that by coincidence it matches most of my appliances and decor with it’s sexy red colour LOL. I use it whenever possible and love that it’s so elegant as it works quietly without much effort. I am extremely happy with my Ankarsum Assistent and can positively say it is my most prized household item.

What does your family think?

Many of our family and friends have heard about my story and the first thing they wanted to do when visiting was to see the machine and how it works. It was so much of fun having to demonstrate its abilities.

Thank you again for everything!

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